Tilapia - Carolina Aqua Technologies LLC Green alternative to chemical weed control in your pond and forage food for trophy bass.

With more intensive management of golf courses, agricultural lands and nursery crops through the use of irrigation, concerns are growing over the side effects of aquatic herbicide use in ponds everywhere. Carolina Aqua Technologies will help you deal with these issues in an environmentally beneficial manner. Clemson Extension, in a program to demonstrate the effectiveness of Tilapia on weed control, stocked fourteen ponds in four counties in South Carolina. The results were that filamentous algae were controlled in one to two months and watermeal was controlled in three months. Texas A&M Fisheries management reports that stocking tilapia in your ponds can increase your rate of bass growth by twenty fold! In their report, Texas A&M states that the bluegill ranks a distant second to tilapia.